Tonya Block Roussin

I’m Tanya, blending tech and business for success. With ‘Tech Savvy, Business Smart,’ I simplify marketing and tech for any business.

Let’s streamline your operations so you can focus on what matters most, hassle-free.

Smart Virtual Solution is Tech Savvy, Business Smart.  Smart Virtual Solution is Tech Savvy, Business Smart.  We specialize in simplifying marketing systems for businesses, alleviating the overwhelm from scattered tools and tech. Let’s streamline your approach, freeing up your time and energy to focus on what truly matters—growing your business effectively. Just say NO to scattered overwhelm!

What we do for your business?

We start with where you are and what you need right now/ We help customers find you/ We help you bring customers back/ We help you stay organized

  • Web Development- Design | Create | Maintain | Update | Connect Tech
  • Search Engines- Be found on Google | Apple | Siri | Alexa | Bing | Yelp
  • Automations- Follow-Ups | Appointment Reminders | Outreach | Missed Call Text Back | Birthday Messaging
  • Relationship Management- Customer Reviews | Newsletters | Customer Information

Technology can be daunting to some. We think it’s fun! So we utilize our technology skills to help you run your business.

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