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Splatmat of Boulder
Jennifer Wedeking
John Stiffler Owners
1800 Commerce St. Boulder, CO

Splatmat is a unique technology created of 100% polyurea. A must have in every home! It is  MORE


Mat Styles Include:

Gun Cleaning Mat

Man Mat

Drop Cloth Mat

Pet Mats

Kids Craft Mats

Garden Mats

and So Much More


Veteran & Heros  Owned Businesses 2-100.

All mats are hand made and custom built in Boulder Colorado and produced at the time of order. Our curing time for each mat is 5 - 7 days. This means you will not receive your order for 7 -14 days. We process all orders in the order they are received and do the best we can to get your order to you as fast as possible. Colors may slightly vary from website pictures.

Custom Designs

Shop with Splatmat

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Delicate Yet Sturdy Mats for 

                  All Uses

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Splatmat has joined a team ready to help our communities battle through tough times and emergencies. 

Fundraising for families, children, 501c3 and charities, heroes, social education, catastrophe relief, start up business assistance, and more. Got a situation? Do need help? Give us a shout at