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Ascension Hosting Logo

Ascension Hosting

My name is Jamarri, and I’m a 20+ year-old entrepreneur who works in web hosting and digital marketing through my company, Ascension Hosting. We seek to assist small business owners in gaining control of their marketing and website.

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BalanCHIng Mindfulness Institute Logo

BalanCHIng Mindfulness Institute

BalanCHIng Mindfulness Institute helps people worldwide transform trauma into triumph, and depression into joy with the help of HeARTful Transformation Therapy and teaches mindfulness tools and techniques for daily self-care and to stop anxiety in its tracks.

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Bottom Line Concepts Logo

Bottom Line Concepts

Hello, My name is Deb Ferrer, Referral Partner with Bottom Line Concepts, a financial services company that has helped over 16,000 clients claim over $3

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Grain Funding Logo

Grain Funding

We Fund Start-ups thru Big Businesses, with rates as low as 0% Credit Line for up to 15 months! NO Collateral Term Loans! We are also Experts on the ERTC Program. Become Funded with Us!

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HelpOpX Logo


We help nonprofits relieve administrative burden by providing consulting and software services as low as $50/m. We will be talking about the companies journey and mission, as well as why we provide our services at such a low cost to nonprofits.

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Personalized Health Insurance Systems Logo

Lauren Woodward (PHI Systems)

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a licensed health insurance broker in Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming! I enjoy helping people understand the health insurance landscape and personalize plans in order to fit their needs.

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Learn2Invest Logo


Adults are proactive about their life and their future; we mentor people who want to prosper by making the rocket science of investing really, really easy.

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