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Our Fantastic Sponsors

Larry Goldstein

Affordable Health Care (Larry Goldstein)

I help business owners with W-2 Employees qualify for and receive stimulus money from the IRS through the Employee Retention Program. There are No upfront fees and No fees are necessary until the Business Owner’s check is in the mail.

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Talking V Card

I help people with a digital business card that they can use as a business card, virtual card, web site. My hobbies and Passions I am a geek. love technology, writing a book on tech.

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Zafeiri Corporation Logo

Zafeiri Business Consulting

I am Publio Casillas. Medical billing franchise entrepreneur. Leadership and teaching have been a passion of mine since 2010. I lover seeing people learn. That ‘ah-ha’ moment is a joy to me. I want people to be successful and be productive in life. Medical billing is new for me and I am still trying to raise capital for that.

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