Honesty and Integrity

Scott O'SullivanScott W. O’Sullivan is the founder of The O’Sullivan Law Firm, a seasoned team of Denver personal injury lawyers. Scott previously worked as an insurance company lawyer who defended corporations on a wide range of claims. Eventually, fed up with working for big insurance companies who squeezed injured people out of the money they deserved, Scott made the decision to represent only injury victims and he has never looked back.

Since 1996, Scott has helped victims fight for their rights. He represents seriously injured people in the State of Colorado and nationally from his office in Denver and from a satellite office in Frisco. His primary areas of practice involve automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, Vibrio Vulnificus injuries, and injuries caused by drunk drivers. As a plaintiffs’ lawyer, Scott’s practice includes class action, multi-district, and other complex litigation.

Scott sees his law practice as a vocation – a calling – and serves both his clients and his community with integrity and passion.

Personalized Attention

In the personal injury world, size matters. And the truth is, the bigger the firm, the more money, time, and effort they put into marketing and finding the next big client. Once they sign a client up, that person is relegated to the back-burner, where paralegals and clerks often grind through over 400 cases apiece. Those accident victims discover that months go by without a word from the firm and when they call to check on their case, they rarely speak to the same person twice. The lawyers at those firms literally answer incoming calls to see if they can sign someone new up, ignoring the people they’ve already signed. It’s a vicious cycle. (See an article Scott wrote about these kinds of firms, which he calls “personal injury mills.”).

At The O’Sullivan Law Firm, we put all our attention on the individuals who entrust us with their cases. Our attorneys have made personal and professional choices to create a practice that emphasizes service to clients as well as stellar legal expertise. Our former clients give us glowing testimonials and they tell their friends about us. There is no more valuable form of marketing than word-of-mouth, which is the number-one way people find us.

If you’ve been a victim in an accident and you need an attorney’s help, The O’Sullivan Law Firm gives you the kind of care and attention that you truly need and deserve.