By Chris Roberts | August 3, 2020

Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Cause Partner LogoThere are five major reasons why giving money to charity has a profoundly positive effect on your life. The interesting thing is of these five, the majority have to do with donors, not the recipient of the charitable act.

There is a lot of psychology behind this one so hang with me, let’s break this down to its core.

  1. Makes you Feel Good: One of the benefits that nobody talks about because it comes off as inherently selfish. One major study has shown that people who donate (money, time, or items) have a greater sense of personal satisfaction AND growth. Around 42% of people who donate admit that the feel good factor is one of the driving factors in their donations. This leads to lower depression rates and an overall more positive mood. These two combines ALSO have the added benefit of longevity, less depression and negative thoughts has been proven to increase life-expectancy. So not only do you get a feel good rush for your donation but you also gain the added bonus of more life-points!
  2. Giving Supports your Community: With Community Pay it Forward you get to CHOOSE not only charity organizations, but families and neighbors in need, children, our heroes both country and community, businesses and more. So if your local community has a cause that you work with or believe in, you can actually allocate that donation into your local town and help with growing the community.
  3. Giving is has MORE Impact than Ever: So this one has a few factors to it. The gap between the classes has grown exponentially over the last 10-20 years. The greatest losses from COVID-19 alone are in the lowest pay dropping from an average of $32,1000 a year down to $19,500 a year due to employment issues. So when donating to the community your donation can help a parent buy dinner, or previously school supplied breakfasts for their children. On the other hand, as long as you donate to a tax deductible charity, you can have a significant tax benefit from utilizing our services as well!
  4. Donating Goes Beyond Home: This one there is a very relatable story I will share. So as we all know there are also bigger named or international charities you can choose to donate to as well. In college my girlfriend at the time donated to an Orangutan relief and got to “Adopt” an Orangutan at an orphanage overseas that was focused on rehabilitation and reintroduction into the wild. When she got the card with the photo of her little guy that the money went to support, she put it on the refrigerator and the entire time we were dating that Orangutan and all his “growing up” photos were front and center on that fridge. She knew she would never get the chance to meet this Orangutan, or interact with it, but the mere knowledge that she helped a life in the least selfish of ways made her happier on a daily basis.
  5. Donating Encourages Others: Interestingly enough we find that people who donate typically are around other people who donate as well. Call it the law of attraction, you are attracted to people who are similar to yourself. So by you donating to a cause it can very quickly spread to your friends / family / neighbors getting involved in charitable donations as well. If enough people are donating to causes they believe in, it would be impossible to not have a better world tomorrow.

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