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Daniel Langfield
(303) 204-0615
7555 W. 83rd Ave
Arvada, CO, 80003

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Fundraising Partner

I am your Health & H.O.P.E. Advocate. I Help Other People Everyday with their independent Health Coverage situation. I can consult you on what options and strategies are available if you need to get your health coverage on your own, or are going through a life change.

"I'm currently licensed in 20 states around the country and our coverage would protect you IN-Network in all 50 states with a Nationwide PPO."

States included are CO, UT, IA, TX, WI, IL, MO, LA, IN, MI, OH, VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL with more to come.

With a background is in social work and counseling Daniel is committed to fight for folks to help them get the services available to them. This includes services and benefits they are not always aware of, with the disposition of a teacher to make things pertinent to your specific situation and needs.

"Come Together!" with Daniel Langfield

Daniel is a great part of the Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Partners, please visit all the other partners when you make up your to-do list. You can donate simply by choosing where you do business.

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