Tommy BoppI save money for nonprofits by doing a free analysis of their utility bills. If I find discrepancies, I bring them to the attention of the decision maker at the nonprofit. If they give their approval, I contact the provider and have the error corrected. This usually results not only in monthly savings going forward, but also a refund for past over-payments. I am paid out of this “found” money. If I am not able to save money for the nonprofit, or if they decide not to implement my recommendations, there is no fee.”

Having a passion for nonprofits, Tommy specializes in working with nonprofits. “I am driven to save them every last penny because my goal is to help them help others.” There are other companies who review utility bills, but Balkcom is designed for nonprofits, to set them up to maximize their money to help more people in need.

A Little About Tommy Bopp

The most important thing to me has always been to provide for my family. That’s why, for the first 25 years, I primarily called on for profits. In order to maximize my earnings, I needed to work with organizations that had large bills. This disqualified most nonprofits. I worked with a lot of manufacturing companies whose monthly power bill could be upwards of $1 million. However as my kids have gotten older, my focus has changed. Instead of focusing on how much money I can make, I now want to give back. Saving money on utility bills is my way of helping because that’s what I know how to do.

Hey non-profits. Call Tommy and Balkcom today! It will cost you nothing unless Tommy can save you money, so why would you not give it a shot? Hire Balkcom and Tommy will donate 20% of what he earns to a Mission or Cause Partner of Your Choice simply by saving you money!! This is a real win Win for you and your Organization. Find out how to raise money for your mission by contacting us at

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