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Explore the tasks and service areas you can delegate to a Valatam remote team. This is not an exhaustive list. If the task can be done on a computer or phone, we can handle it.


There’s a big team behind our great work. Meet our principal team members and learn about how Valatam is committed to helping global startups save time and money, while at the same time providing talented professionals in Venezuela with great work opportunities.


All Plans Include

  • A dedicated business-class virtual assistant

  • Your VA will be from a top university

  • Meeting your assistant before deciding to sign up

  • Bi-monthly reports to track hours worked

  • Access to our entire team for specialist tasks

  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time

  • Free training of a replacement assistant should the need arise

  • Your VA integrated into your team and systems

  • No extra charge for additional users

  • No hidden fees or add-ons

  • Access to multilingual services

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

How Valatam's Personalized Approach Works


Getting started with a Virtual Assistant or a remote team for the first time, selecting the right team member and mastering the art of delegation are all common concerns for new clients. Our management team is personally involved in every placement and are always on hand to discuss your needs – from an initial discovery call through to quality assurance, placement and project management as your requirements evolve.

Valatam is giving a very generous portion of your Monthly Contract to the Community Pay it Forward Cause Partner of your choice when you tell them that you have found them through Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Program. 

Questions? Call us at (970) 909-0751 or send us an email at


About Valatam


If you’ve landed here then you probably don’t have enough hours in the day. Maybe your employees are unable to provide the best service possible for your business because they are overworked, or your startup is unable to grow as fast as it could. That’s where Valatam comes in – our mission is to provide your business with a remote team that you can delegate parts of your operations to, enabling you to get your time back, save money and be more productive.

I am Dan Baker, originally from the UK, with 8 years corporate experience in the US and Latin America. From 2014-2016 I outsourced call centres and back-office operations for the largest independent financial consultancy in Latin America. I was responsible for sourcing talent, training, project management and QA for remote teams across Asia and South America. In 2016 I started Valatam, where our team and I work with small business owners and busy professionals providing them with remote teams. Valatam team members can  manage your administration, customer service, operations, design and social media (and all the other things that take up your time), allowing you to concentrate on the most important things – keeping your clients happy and focusing on driving your business forward.

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