Les SimpsonMy company is Wellness Tech Plus, Inc. I am a trainer and distributor for BioRegenx, a publicly held Anti Aging company that owns 6 companies. We provide practitioners and the general public with a new era of health care. Using the Glycocheck camera, 150 research hospitals agree health and disease start in the capillary system. In 5 mn under the tongue, the micro camera shows, in real time, shows the condition of our capillary system and disease developing 6 yrs in advance. And a supplement that restores and repairs the capillary system. Please read, Your Capillary Quotient by Carol Merlo. Also, two German Medical Devices. One FDA Class 2 with CPT codes, for back injury recovery and performance. It has been in Europe for 35 yrs in 400 recovery facilities. It is also in Hilton and Ritz Carlton Presidential Club Suites for on-demand massage therapy. Also, used by the military and sports for deep strengthening of back muscles without exercise. We can help veterans that have back problems. Third, an advanced PEMF device for allowing all the cells in the body to reach Homeostasis and heal themselves. Used in 30 countries for 28 years.

Wellness Tech Plus, Inc. — Maximize Body & Brain FunctionWellness Tech Plus looks for ways to connect people with health technology that makes their life easier and more enjoyable and productive. To connect to the most people we work through practitioners that already have the respect and trust of their patient. Wellness Tech Plus also educates and trains others that want to work with practitioners to better the health of their patients.

I am a veteran. Our men and women risked their lives and health in many ways. The military, especially in war undergo terrible destruction to their body and emotions. When people have broken bodies that can be helped by technologies that have been in service for many decades in other countries. We have brought that technology to the US. And we work with practitioners to help them. This also goes for first responders. They risk their lives and emotional health every day. There are now ways to help what has been broken.

I have represented various areas of health care products and devices for 20 years. My hobbies and passions include My wife and I like to hike, see movies and theater and travel.