Erin WillmanWhite Cane Coffee is not just your average coffee. Our coffees are organic fair trade. Our company is the only company that has Braille on all its packaging. The company was formed to provide jobs for the Blind and Disabled. 90% of all employees are just that. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to be gainfully employed. Our coffee comes in whole bean, ground and K-cups. We ship nationwide to all 48 continental States.

Being blind myself, I found needing employment extremely difficult to say the least. Employers only saw my white cane, they never saw me. They were so focused on what I couldn’t do, that they ignored what I could bring to the table. So if you can’t nd a job, make a job. I decided that I would also hire people just like me so that they too could have the independence that I have through having gainful employment. Our company philosophy is “If you can change one life, you will change the world.” We are changing lives.

Our goals are very simple. We want a White Cane Coffee shop in every town in the country. We want every blind or disable person to have the chance to have a job and a place where they can thrive. A big mission, but doable.

10% of all sales will go back to the Mission Partner of your choice. We believe in giving back to our communities.