Did you know what you buy daily can provide discounts on most major brands?

Daily activities like filling your tank, buying groceries, going to dinner, vacation, sports equipment, etc.

And all you need to do is join for $25 and transfer some of your spending money to a FDIC insured checking account, at a small bank. Then use our Visa card to buy everything.

So, what am I talking about growing? It is called Z Bucks. A new face of banking is here. We are talking about Doubling your Buying Power. Or in other words, you get you use your money twice or if you become one of our beta testers, three times.

Every time you swipe this Visa card you get the same amount of Z Bucks for each dollar you spend, to use in our private ecommerce website… no complicated algorithms. As you can see below most of your favorite brands will be available in November when we launch. There are dozens more signing up.

If you join before November, you get Double Z Bucks on all purchases until November 2024. As you can see there are cruise lines that have signed up. With Z Bucks, will you be able to afford the cruise or dream destination you have been saving for?

We need beta testers to make sure all the glitches are out of the system before launch. Are you a person that can handle some glitches for the ability to buy twice the merchandise at 30-50% off? Figure over a year, Double could add up in savings, depending on what you buy.

We have a landscape company that is spending $50,000 a month on materials. Now, he will have $100,000 Z Bucks a month. Maybe he will provide cruises for all his top management as a holiday present. Les Simpson 303-579-6881. Watch this video, or register free for my webinar Aug 22, 1pm MT