Would you like to help us save 350,000 lives this year?

My wife and I were listening to a choir this weekend. A lady there was watching her husband perform.

She asked me what I did. I told her about the new camera that will allow practitioners to assess the risk of their patients’ heart stopping within 6 years.

I told her the camera shows the lack of capillary flow that feeds the muscles of the heart along with all the other organs of the body.

The Glycocalyx, the control center in the capillaries is always under attack by our lack of sleep, poor diet, genetics, age, etc.

I explained the Glycocalyx is a gel like lining inside of all vascular vessels that serves 4 purposes:

It is where the Nitric Oxide is manufactured and released into the capillary; allowing the blood to flow to the cells. It also protects the cell wall from being scratched which is where plaque forms to protect the wall like a scab. Of course, plaque causes inflammation and blockage.

It also keeps the blood from leaking out, forming edema, a major cause of disease.

And one that astounded me, the hairs of the Glycocalyx touch all the toxins, viruses, bacteria and put a flag on them for the white cells to find and destroy. What an amazing body!

Our Endocalyx supplement restores and repairs the Glycocalyx bringing all four processes back.

I asked her if her doctor handed her a tri-fold that explained all this, would she ask for the 5 Mn scan that shows the condition of her capillary system.

She asked how much it was. I told her it was $300, and she said absolutely. She has heat disease in her family and would like to know what her risk was and what she could do about it.

Practitioners, for $22,275 starter package or about $500 monthly you can scan and provide Endocalyx to 60 patients, making $24,000. Provide the tri-fold to your patients and they will be asking for the solution. Les Simpson lsimpson@wellnesstechplus.com 303-579-6881 for questions and to get started.