Have you ever wondered how many areas of your client’s budget is competing for your services?

Is it a vacation they are saving up for?

Is it buying diapers for their baby this week?

Is it the new set of Bose Speakers they are saving up for?

Is it the new luggage they have been eyeing?

Is it the new sink that leaks so badly?

Is it the new shoes that their son needs to play baseball?

Up to this point, all you could do was hope they had enough money for those things and pay you services for their health.

I am sure many families had to decide what was most important.

There is a new banking system that Doubles Your Buying Power.

But, now for $25 you will be able to help them Double their Buying Power.

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So what is this new service that will provide Double their Buying Power and your retirement account?

Double the Buying Power begins with you and your office expense. Does your budget get tight?

Can you imagine when you pay for your next supplies for $5000 immediately having $10,000 available to purchase thousands of items at wholesale?

Below I have shown a list of the manufactures that people will be able to buy wholesale through Z Club. Are you aware the average markup in stores is 30-50%. They have a lot of overhead to pay for. Just like in your office. But Z Club doesn’t have the overhead so we will pass the wholesale savings on to you. Go to , watch the two videos and either sign up as a member $25 and start enjoying Double your Buying Power for your office and buy the regular the way you do. But this time with the new Visa Tranzact Card. Or join us as a DBO for $495 and help all your clients out the same way.