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About Us

Zak Clayton — Founder & CEO, (970) 909-0751,

Zak Clayton

Founder & CEO
(970) 909-0751

Everyone deserves a little help. We have designed Community Pay it Forward to lend a hand, give a little hope, and move sales for our great Partners.

Zak Clayton founded Clayton Consulting & Event Planning LLC (CCEP) on June 5th, 2015, after being hit by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. “I was on my way to go camping with friends and family, and, well, I camped. Just not where I wanted to. I would have never picked the spot with the cactus!” Friends, family, and small local businesses came to Zak’s bedside and worked hard to assist his family and alleviate the pressure from a bad situation. However, where Zak and his family could not find help was with the resource providers who are bound to a budget. He started to develop a program to aid people who find themselves in trouble after January 1st. With the help of a few great partnerships, CCEP was born.

The Community Pay it Forward Program was created to raise funds for families in emergency situations, children who are sick, injured or need funds for school or church programs, veterans or veteran causes, local nonprofits or 501c3 programs, or private community improvement projects.

Community Dare to Care Outreach & Events is here to assist people with clothing, furniture, housewares, school supplies, and other critical needs with the aid of caring individuals and their donations in the community. Community Cares also offers a list of entertainment options to make events or parties a hit in the community.

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