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A Peace of Kylie Logo

A Peace of Kylie

I craft unique NFC gemstone bracelets that empower individuals to stand out and connect deeply with personal values, while seamlessly integrating digital business cards for modern networking.

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Auxilia Logo


AUXILIA, Latin for “helping hand”, was created with the intent to help organizations meet and expand their missions by providing a cloud-based platform to transform and revolutionize the giving experience.

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hitchCorner Logo

Hitch Corner

Hitch Corner, Inc. helps outdoor enthusiasts to outfit their vehicles and take their “toys” on their adventures. We also help companies outfit their vehicles and get their equipment to the job site.

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Leurise Caigua Virtual Assistant

Hi there! I’m Leu Caigua, a passionate Web Developer with over 5 years of experience developing websites and high-performance web applications. Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and experience in frameworks like Vue.js and Vuetify. Additionally, my journey has led me to specialize in WordPress

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LegalShield Logo

Lynn Hurst (LegalShield)

When you need legal help, LegalShield is here. Our network of experienced lawyers can provide advice on legal issues for you, your family, or your business, all directly through our app.

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Obsidian Assistance Logo

Obsidian Assistance

Hello, everyone, my name is Ciara, and I am a virtual assistant. I founded and operate Obsidian Assistance. We are a small virtual assistance business dedicated to helping our clients reclaim their time.

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