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The energy business is the exploration, development, and production of oil, gas, coal, and other consumable fuels. It also includes the gathering, marketing, processing, storage, selling, and transporting of these products.

Biofuels like Ethanol

Clean-Up and Disposal


Diesel Fuel


Heating Oil


Natural Gas

Nuclear Energy


Solar Power

I work for homeowners!! There are 90 million homes eligible for solar and only 4% have it.

If you are sick & tired of the big monopolistic energy companies raising your electricity rates whenever they want to, NOW is time to see if your home qualifies for solar. Click Here are the Top 10 questions about solar. The next step is to send my team your latest electricity bill so we can do a FREE no-obligation Solar Savings Analysis. We will find any state & federal tax incentives that you may qualify for also.

Click This link to book a discovery call TODAY to get your questions answered & stop renting your electricity with no end to rate increases in sight.

Learn how to OWN your electricity instead!!

I am a solar consultant/broker that works with 2 CO companies and two national companies. I work in both the residential and commercial markets. I control the pricing and thus I am able to offer solar systems that incur no out-of-pocket costs.

No money down with solar loan payments that are equal to or less than your current electric bill payments. Thus, you are buying your electric instead of “renting” it. When the solar loan is paid off, you will pay nothing for your electricity.

I am very passionate about the environmental movement.Every solar system I sell helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere and enables people to buy their electricity rather than rent it at no additional costs. Hobbies include skiing, hiking, camping and photography.

Wind Power

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