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There is a fact that is overlooked or often misunderstood, it is the smaller organizations that work much harder than the large. The large groups are also afforded grants and assistance from big chain superstores. With a few exceptions, our focus will be on the smaller programs. Helping them obtain the support needed for them to continue to do the difficult, needed, and LOCAL missions they work hard to support.

Computer Support

Virtua Computers is all things IT for clients who have Apple products—providing full-service IT solutions for firms of 5-50 people large. With our other companies, MyMacMentor and Gravity, we can bring IT support and consulting, training, and hardware repair. Your job isn’t to handle IT – ours is!

Virtua Computers is a member of the Virtua Consulting. At Virtua, we recognize the impact of even the smallest technology decision on internal and external experience. Through our own consultancy, coaching for other IT Pros and a series of annual events and programs, Virtua is leading the revolution to redefine the role of outsourced IT. IT is not a service, it’s an experience.

Virtua Computers has been around since 2008. Being able to help grow companies via technology has been our shining light since the beginning. We love to see how our clients grow and mature using technology as the backbone of their business.

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