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A Vision of the Future

A Vision of the Future

We would like to talk to you about a way to increase your business and assist the community we all call home. We live in an area with multiple college and high schools where graduations happen two times a year.

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Broken Leg Zak Clayton Community Pay it Forward Fundraising


As I sit here broken hearted-okay, just broken-after taking a fall on a patch of ice and the proposition of spending the next four months with my big butt hopping around on one leg, I have a lot of fear and uncertainty of the unknown.

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Smarter at 6

Smarter at 6

On Sunday night, August 16th, 2020 I turn six. And I have learned more in my first six years than I ever learned in my last 42.

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Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Cause Partner Logo

Top Five Reasons to Give to Charity

There are five major reasons why giving money to charity has a profoundly positive effect on your life. The interesting thing is of these five, the majority have to do with donors, not the recipient of the charitable act.

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Christopher Roberts

Where Should my Donation Go?

When it finally comes time to donate to a charity, oftentimes there are many questions that go into your decision on where you want to allocate your money to go.

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Riley 4 Spoonbill Riley Heasley

You will never know

This is a story about a young man that fought harder in his ten plus years than other people do in a full lifetime. A young warrior that fought harder than most of us could.

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